Dhaneswar Group of Educational Institutions

Dhaneswar Group Of Educational Instituitions

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Computer Lab

Our college is equipped with a modern and well-equipped computer lab that provides students with the latest technology to support their academic pursuits. Our computer lab is designed to meet the needs of students from different programs and disciplines, providing access to a wide range of software and hardware resources.

Our computer lab is equipped with modern desktop computers, laptops, and printers to meet the needs of students. These devices are configured with the latest software, including operating systems, productivity suites, programming tools, and more. Our lab has specialized software for various programs, such as CAD, graphics design, and engineering.

Our computer lab is connected to high-speed internet, enabling students to access online resources and research materials for their projects and assignments. The internet connection is secured, and all users are required to comply with our college's internet usage policy.

Our computer lab is staffed with knowledgeable and experienced support staff who are available to assist students with their computer-related needs. The support staff is trained to troubleshoot common computer problems, provide technical assistance, and ensure that the lab is well-maintained and organized.

The computer lab is open to students during college hours, and students are welcome to use the facility during their free time. We encourage students to use the lab for their research, projects, and assignments.